Finding the Right Builder for Your Home Addition Project

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Finding the right Builder

Finding the Right Builder for Your Home Addition Project

Are you completely happy with your home as it is right now? What goes through your mind when you think of space? Does it have enough or is it lacking? If your property could be made all the better with just a bit more space to accommodate your life and how you live it, you should give serious consideration to a home addition project.

You may find it mind-boggling when you first start looking at what’s required to add a level and the cost of framing an addition. That is why you need to hire professionals, of which there are many hundreds out there, all claiming to be the best of the best and offer the best deals and highest quality workmanship and services. How then do you choose one? In the following post we are going to discuss some vital tips that will help you with your search.

Research, Research, and Research

It is imperative that you don’t just click the first contractor you come to in Google and conduct proper research. What do you need to find out as part of this research? Well you need to look at several key areas of any home addition building contractor’s business, including:

Expertise/Experience – The last thing you want is to hire a fresh and new company that has little experience. It is also important that a company has the right expertise for the type of home addition you have in mind. If they mainly do work on commercial properties, they may not be any help if you are looking for a new ensuite bathroom.

Insurance – All home builders should carry insurance. Accidents can happen to even the best companies, so it’s crucial you only work with a builder who has insurance that will protect its own staff as well as your property.

Licensing – Although it is different for every state if the regulations dictate building contractors in your area should be fully licensed, make sure the company you decide to work with has evidence of this.

References and Reviews

Even if all the above checks out, how can you be sure what it will be like having your home addition handled by a specific company? The best way to find this out, therefore, is by looking at reviews left by customers who have previously had home addition projects completed by the company in question. You should also be able to find out details and references from actual customers direct from the company themselves.

If they do not furnish this to you without asking, make sure you request the contact details of previous customers and be very cautious working with a company that is not willing to share the details.

When you are looking to hire a contractor, you need to trust them as you are inviting them to be part of your life, even if it is just temporary. You need to know the work that is going to be done is in safe hands. Therefore, it is important that you ask the right questions before hiring them, such as:

How long has the business been established?

Have they worked on other projects like yours? How many?

What is the warranty offered and how do they handle complaints?

You could also ask questions related to the other tips we have already outlined.

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